• Barbering Services In Your Office Space

    We take away the hassle of rushing to the barbers after work or over the weekend. We bring the barbers to you!


    A nice way of saying thanks to your teams.


    That goes a long way.

  • How It Works

    Alfies London is a convenient mobile barbering service that promotes employee wellbeing whilst boosting business perception.

    In addition to having an eternally grateful team, you will certainly go down as an employer that cares!

    That's got to beat a team lunch?


    Its simple...

    1. The business books us in.
    2. You choose your slot.
    3. Show up & get your haircut!

    Your employees deserve more than just a laptop to do their best. People don't just buy products they buy people, especially happy ones!

  • Pricing

    We offer a full range of barbering services including haircuts, wet shaves and beard trims. All appointments are pre booked with an understanding of the ebb and flow of each work place.


    Note: A minimum 5 hour charge applies to all bookings.


    £80 per hour

    1 barber per booking

    1 booking per month


    £75 per hour

    1 barber per booking

    2 bookings per month


    £70 per hour

    1 barber per booking

    4 bookings per month

  • Lets Book You In

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    Alfies London
    0203 287 2413
  • Dont Take Our Word For It

    Heres what some of our happy customers are saying...

    "It takes me 2 hours to cycle to and from work everyday. Having a haircut at work makes me feel considered. One less thing to do at the weekend."

    Tom - Senior Business Analyst.

    "I come in from Sutton every day. I get the train and change at London Bridge. Then its the tube to Bank. A long commute doesn't lend itself to looking smart, especially when I have an important client meeting!"

    Martin - Account Manager.

    "I have no problem working long hours but it removes any motivation when the company doesn't recognise my efforts. A relaxing shave at work tells me that they care about my wellbeing. It gives me something to look forward to."

    Alex - Risk and Value Manager

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